Rental conditions

Car rental in Debrecen with the best conditions.

Needed for a vehicle rental

In case of a private person:

  • A valid ID card or passport
  • A valid address card
  • A valid driving license
  • Customer’s telephone number
  • Should a foreign citizen rent a car, s/he needs to provide us with his/her identical documents accordingly

In case of a company:

  • Documents of the company (business signature, deed of association)
  • ID cards of the company’s representative (authorization if necessary)
  • The driver must present his/her valid ID card, his/her valid address card and his/her driving license

Other costs that may occur

  • All additional costs (petrol/gasoline, parking, haven, toll etc.) will be charged to the renter of the vehicle
  • The tenant of the vehicle bears full responsibility for all criminal offenses & all traffic violations (speeding, parking offense and other offenses) during the whole rental period, and takes into account that s/he will be charged to all of the above costs and consents to divulging his/her personal data to the authorities in regard to any criminal actions or other offenses whatsoever


  • You will be leased a vehicle with a full tank and you are subject to return it full again
  • You must refill proper fuel only
  • All costs caused by improper refueling must be reimbursed by the renter of the vehicle

The vehicle is not allowed (therefore causes loss of the collateral)

  • To be rented or leased to another person. A driver, who is not a part of the rental contract may not drive the vehicle without a written permission of the lessor
  • Using the vehicle by a business person or transporting freight or goods is not allowed without the permit of the lessor and the cognizant traffic authorities
  • Using it as a race car or preparing for races with it (training purposes)
  • Towing other vehicles except if the lessor has rented it especially for towing
  • Using the vehicle if coolant and/or lube oil is dripping or one sees warning signals on the dashboard (May the oil pressure or any other signals light up on the dashboard, you must NOT drive further with the vehicle! In this case you are obliged to stop and notify the lessor immediately.)
  • Driving under the influence (e.g. alcoholic beverages, medicines and drugs) or letting an intoxicated person drive.
  • Taking the vehicle abroad without permission of the hirer

The rental fee includes

  • Obligatory car insurance
  • Weight tax
  • International green card
  • Tires according to time of year
  • Handing over a clean vehicle
  • Kilometerage: 200 km/day
  • Repair costs resulting from a proper use

The rental fee does not include

  • Refueling
  • Repairing tires (the costs of a reparation or a tire change will be charged to the renter in case of damage of the tires)
  • Repair costs resulting from an improper use
  • National & international highway tolls, parking fees
  • Costs beyond daily kilometerage (25 HUF/km)


  • Rental fee & collateral are due to be paid in advance
  • Collateral is going to be fully repaid in case the vehicle has not been damaged at all
  • If the rented vehicle is returned unclean, a cleaning fee will be deducted from the collateral (Rented automobile: 3,000 HUF, rented minibus: 7,000 HUF)
  • If the rented vehicle is returned not fully refilled, the amount of the missing fuel will be deducted from the collateral

The renter is obliged to pay a full compensation if:

  • the rules of the general contractual conditions are broken by the tenant
  • the lessee causes a traffic accident
  • the vehicle was operated carelessly and inefficiency or it was overloaded by the leaser
  • the accessories of the vehicle are missing or damaged
  • the ignition key has been lost by the tenant (lock must be exchanged)